We offer help with most aspects of fish farm design and construction


Fish farm design


Getting the correct information at the start of a project can often be the difference between the success or failure of your venture.

Together with our equipment suppliers and select partners we can offer help with most aspects of fish farm design and construction.  


We offer help with the design and supply of Recirculating Aquaculture Systems, (RAS's).  Be it for fresh water or marine, hatchery, nursery or growout, fish culture or the depuration of shellfish, we have the experience on hand to offer the best solution to meet your requirements. From large-scale growout of table fish, to high tech research facilities, we draw upon many years of successful system design to customise a sustainable and profitable solution.


For example there are over 600 installations of the SKIM across Europe, so you can be confident in the product, with the reassurance of complete system design and ongoing support for your project.

Fisheries management

During the course of our business, we work with fisheries, fish farmers, and consultants in the UK and France all the time. We have a small but experienced team of experts we can call on anytime, and would happily share these contacts with you. 

Be it coarse fish or salmonids, we will be able to offer help in some way. We may not be able to provide every service or product you may require, however we will be able to point you in the right direction.


We can help with:

  • Fish health checks
  • Stock fish (UK & France)
  • Fish Surveys
  • Netting/electro-fishing services
  • Algae & aquatic weed control
  • Lake construction
  • Tree management
  • Fish transport
  • Water quality analysis
  • New product design
  • Aquatic and marginal plants
  • Silt treatment
  • Fish refuges




For any further help please contact us or call +44(0)161 6835869, mobile +44(0)7715 007964