Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback......

Viv Shears & Simon Scott - VS Fisheries Ltd

As one of the largest carp farms in the country it is essential that all the equipment we use at VS Fisheries is ultra reliable and this also extends to the customer service that our suppliers offer. Since 2007 we have used the Force 7 and Splash series aerators supplied by Mark Stockton at Aquaculture Equipment and cannot fault their performance and reliability. Considering the number of units we have in daily operation across the entire site we have only ever had one problem occur and to Mark's credit that was resolved very quickly and with a minimal amount of fuss.

If we are looking for specialist items Aquaculture Equipment are often our first port of call as they offer a wide range of equipment along with an extensive network of contacts meaning that they can find items for us quickly and with ease. There is never a 'hard sell' when we deal with Mark and he offers practical advice in order to establish the right equipment for the job and this is always realistically priced as well.

If you are looking for a high quality and reliable equipment supplier then Aquaculture Equipment are at the top of their game and we will continue to use them as one of our preferred suppliers.

VS Fisheries Ltd
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 Will Smith - Angling Trust

We first met Mark Stockton, the owner of Aquaculture Equipment, a couple of years ago when he joined the Angling Trust as a Trade Member and his enthusiasm for what the Trust are trying to achieve was immediately obvious. Mark is one of those people you can immediately tell is a genuine guy who totally understands the issues affecting anglers and as an angler himself this insight shines through in the range of equipment and advice he is able to offer his customers. I am 100% certain that if you are looking for equipment to protect your valuable fishery or fish stock investment Mark will be able to recommend the best quality and most appropriate kit at really affordable prices on everything from aerators to boats and dry suits. What’s even better is that Angling Trust clubs, fisheries and riparian owner members get a significant discount off the aeration equipment. In the last couple of years we have had a lot of members use this discount and they have reported back that they got a brilliant personal service from Aquaculture Equipment. We’ve even had clubs join us because the saving alone paid for the cost of our membership!


Will Smith
Membership Manager, the Angling Trust



Mark Rigby – Llyn Aquaculture

“Mark, and Aquaculture Equipment Ltd, are superb at finding solutions for fisheries and aquaculture problems. Be it aeration to pumping, fish transport, fish tanks, a generator or small boat. If Mark cannot solve your problem, which is seldom, he will be honest and recommend someone who can. We at Llyn Aquaculture Ltd have worked closely with Mark for several years and can highly recommend Aquaculture Equipment Ltd.”



Cyril Brewster – Cudmore Fisheries

“I would like to thank Mark Stockton of Aquaculture equipment Ltd for supplying aeration units to protect our fish stocks at Cudmore Fishery, especially our Barbel Stocks.

We have been using their units for 15 years and we have had no problems with them at all and no maintenance issues

We have never lost any fish out of the pools that have their units installed protecting them even with oxygen collapses

As we run the most prestigious fishing competition ( Fish-o-mania ) Televised by Sky every July on the Arena Lake I feel comfortable knowing the fish have the best protection possible”


Thanks again

MR C M Brewster

Cudmore Fishery

Chairman The Brewster Company



Bruno Broughton – Fisheries Consultant

“I have been recommending Aquaculture Equipment Ltd. to my clients for several years, and I have no hesitation whatsoever about continuing to do so. One of them – the owner of a very well-known commercial fishery – had been running one of the aerators continuously for six years. When it malfunctioned, he feared that a replacement may have been necessary. However, after untangling some thick line that had become wrapped around the equipment, it purred back into life and it is still going strong today!

More recently, I had an emergency which necessitated the need for two large diffusers at very short notice to keep alive almost two tonnes of rescued fish. Mark set about the task immediately and worked late to prepare and package the kit, which he then shipped it to me by overnight carrier. It arrived before 9am, less than 24 hours after my plea for help, and all the fish were saved.

Not only is the Aquaculture Equipment kit excellent, durable and value-for-money; Mark’s service and commitment to customers’ needs is also both refreshing and unrivalled - top gear from a top man.”



Clint Walker – Consultant Writer

“Mark has provided expert advice to both myself and colleagues on numerous occasions with regard to essential fishery management equipment to help protect aquatic environs at a variety of venues. Aquaculture provide top quality, effective and reasonably priced equipment and come highly recommended.”



Aquonix - Fishery Management Consultants

"An excellent provider of services to the Fish Farming Industry. Knowledgeable and reliable. First class.”