Fish Rearing Tanks

We offer a large 2.8m (inside diameter 2.7m) x 1.2m deep circular tank, rotomoulded in tough food grade polyethylene (PE).


These tanks are unique in that they are available either with a flat base or a 20o tapered base to a centre drain.

The tanks offer an economical solution to the setting up or expansion of a fish farm, as well as the many other applications to be found for a tank of this size. The tanks can stack, allowing for more economical transport costs


Utilising a newly fabricated tool, the end product offers consistent quality time after time.




  • Thicker walled tanks can be specified to suit your application (standard wall thickness 5mm)
  • Different colours available (standard colour back)
  • Support frame with steps available for tapered base (allows access to centre drain)
  • Custom bracket to take our fish feeders
  • Cover available

Bespoke Tanks (fabricated)

If other sizes are required, or different shapes, we can fabricate tanks out of sheet material. This is usually done when square tanks, rectangular tanks, troughs or trays are required, however round tanks can be made with either flat or tapered bases. All the round tanks are self supporting, however straight sided tanks will usually require extra support, either by sinking into the ground or with a steel reinforcing band around the perimeter.

Please contact us for a delivery quotation.