Side Channel Blowers


Side Channel blowers are the first choice for many applications requiring large volumes of clean, dry air at low pressures and vacuums. Advances in side channel technology mean that current units can now offer higher vacuum/ pressure than older designs and also provide both duties simultaneously.


Both single and multi-stage blowers are available with pressures or vacuum up to 500mbar and flow rates up to 1250 m3 per hour. Side channel blowers have the added benefits of low noise operation and compact, virtually maintenance free design.


Fluidising, airknife applications, vacuum holding, aeration, process drying:

  • Single and multi-stage blowers
  • Pressure or vacuum up to 500Mbar
  • Flow rates up to 1250 M3 per hour
  • Compact and maintenance free
  • Extremely quiet in operation

A range of accessories are available to compliment the blowers:

  • Inlet air filters to a range of flow rates
  • Filtration specifications
  • Pressure/vacuum relief valves
  • Swept bends
  • ‘T’ pieces etc.



If you would like to know more about these products or determine the correct size blower for your specific application then please contact us