Virkon ® Aquatic is the ultimate fish disinfectant, independently proven to be highly effective against significant fish pathogens. Recent work at the University of Idaho and on commercial salmonid farms has shown that it may also play a valuable role in water environment biosecurity.

Because of concerns about possible toxicity and tainting in use in the aquatic sector, DuPont the manufacturer does not support or take any responsibility for any usage of any Virkon other than Virkon ® Aquatic in any aquatic usage context.



10kg tub of the leading disinfectant for aquaculture. 


Q. What is the difference between Virkon® Aquatic and other Virkon disinfectants?

A. Virkon® Aquatic is the registered trade mark for the specially adapted patented formulation of the most widely tested and approved virucidal and bactericidal disinfection in the world. All Antec/DuPont Virkon use the Haber Willstater reaction to harness the separate antiviral activities of oxyzones, fruit acid salts and potassium monopersulphonate, to regenerate activity continuously and also incorporate a high level of detergent for ensuring cleaning of muddy boots etc in the pig or poultry context. Virkon® Aquatic has been modified so that while maintaining and indeed enhancing its virucidal activities, particularly against fish pathogens, it has reduced detergent activity, which is very toxic to aquatic animals. The fragrance, which is highly tainting for fish is also removed. The indicator dye used is also one which is not banned for food usage in certain countries.

NB Initially Virkon® Aquatic was originally intended for use only in fish farms and called “Virkon S for Aquaculture” again in a distinctive blue box. Once it was realised that it had much wider usages in angling, fish-keeping, recreational boating, skin-diving, indeed any water usage, it was renamed Virkon® Aquatic.


Q. Is Virkon® Aquatic a medicine?

A. No! Emphatically not. It will not treat fish or shellfish, but it will disinfect hard surfaces, boots, clothing etc, provided they are clean. If used in a fine spray into the atmosphere, a technique known as “Virkon fogging” it will greatly reduce or eliminate airborne pathogens and also percolate through rafters or other areas of buildings otherwise not possible to access. In addition, if added to the water in which fish are swimming, at high dilution (ca 2ppm), on a continuous basis, it will greatly reduce the level of bacteria, viruses and certain parasites which can survive in that water column and thus prevent or reduce levels of potential infection. But it does this by removing them from the WATER not the fish.

It is not likely to have any significant direct effect, good or bad on the fish themselves, at these concentrations. Thus no medicinal claims are made by the manufacturer, DuPont or by Aquaculture Equipment Ltd.