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Water circulation is beneficial as it helps destratify deeper waters, breaking up the thermal layers.  This helps ensure a uniform temperature and dissolved oxygen distribution.


We provide two machines The Brio and The Rio.  Both machines are excellent at keeping large areas of water ice free, and can be used to create artifical rivers.

Often in summer additional aeration is not requied required during the daytime, as submerged aquatic plants and algae can provide the necessary oxygen through the process of photosynthesis (though the reversal is true during the hours of darkness or cloudly weather, as the algae will consume oxygen through respiration). However by mixing the saturated upper layers of water, the dissolved oxygen can be distributed more evenly throughout the water body.  Circulating water can also have a positive impact on the amount of silt build up, as the suspended particles are exposed to the oxygen rich water, which speeds up the decomposition process.


“Well mixed waters reduce the release of nutrients from the sediments and disperse nuisance algal blooms. Also the use of aerators promotes the growth of the biologically friendly aquatic fauna which compete against the algae''. (Entwistle, Sonnerman & Lewis 1997).


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Brio Aerator

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Rio Aerator

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