Dry Suits

These tough, rugged Cortex Dry Suits are ideal for:

•    Fish farm & Fisheries workers, netting, lake/cage maintenance etc
•    Rescue and emergency services
•    Council water maintenance staff


Options & accessories available include:
•    Steel toecap boots
•    Chainsaw boots
•    Gloves
•    Full repair service available


By constantly improving existing technology whilst developing new fabrics, Northern Diver continues to lead the field.

This latest update of the Cortex builds on the tradition of Northern Diver quality, design and performance. With all the features you would expect of a top quality drysuit, the Cortex has rapidly become the diver’s choice of top of the range, extremely hard-wearing membrane suit.

Cortex material was chosen by the Ministry of Defence for their diver selection course hard-wearing trilaminate suits. Northern Diver also build drysuits for rescue services around the globe and their first choice for hard wearing membrane is always Cortex. We see what these organisations put these suits through and it’s a superb endorsement of Cortex fabric and construction.

Suit features

•    Built from ultra-durable cordura
•    Rubber taped, bonded for life seams
•    Neoprene neck & wrist seals
•    Separate Arctic Black Extreme hood with supervent
•    Neo-warm-cuffs which integrate with the easy-fit Dryglove System

•    Unique cut ensures optimum fit & comfort
•    Internal braces
•    Bellows pocket

•    Unique cut ensures optimum fit & comfort
•    Internal braces
•    Bellows pocket

Combining style, rugged durability and comfort, Cortex is proving to be the drysuit of choice for both diving as well as fisheries work.

Available in 15 Gent’s sizes plus custom tailored option


Northern Diver Drysuits are renowned for their high quality and rugged construction. So much so that they are used by the British Military, Fire & Rescue and Search & Rescue.

The full range of Northern Diver Drysuits and accessories are available please contact us for a complete brochure or if you have a question about our dry suits.