LIMPET Self-Sink Air Hose is a brand new, reinforced air delivery hose, made here in the UK. It eliminates the need to add additional weights to an air hose in order to keep it on the bottom of the tank, pond or lake. Made from a reinforced PVC compound, it is very strong whilst remaining flexible.

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Available sizes

LIMPET comes in four sizes to suit most applications - from the smallest garden pond to the largest aquaculture or wastewater facility. (Sizes below indicate the internal diameter).

  • LIMPET 10mm - Used extensively on our fisheries and zoo installations
  • LIMPET 12.5mm - For larger aquaculture, fisheries or wastewater projects
  • LIMPET 19mm – For large installations and industrial applications

Diffused Aeration Systems

Traditionally when installing diffused aeration systems, the task of how to deliver the air from the land-based air blower out to the lake bed diffusers has posed a problem. Until now it usually involved the use of standard braided air hose, which needed additional weights to pin it down to the bed of the pond or lake. This is a time consuming process and not ideal when the hose has to be as unobtrusive as possible, such as in a Koi pond or on a fishery. Now the task can be completed quickly and easily, leaving a neat and tidy installation.
As well as supplying the LIMPET hose, we can also supply a wide range of industry recognised blowers, manifolds and diffusers to complete the system.


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