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Splash Aerator
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Splash Aerator

Price per Unit (piece): Contact us for pricing £575.00

Splash aerators are capable of throwing up to 3200 litres of water per minute (1hp motor), and are our most efficient machine at transferring oxygen in fresh water. Available with 0.5hp, 1hp and 1.5hp (Fountain Splash) motors.

Suitable for most freshwater fisheries and stock pools. As a rough guide, a 1hp unit per acre is recommended. However on very large lakes, a combination of the Splash aerator and a circulator such as the Brio or Rio will distribute the well oxygenated water over a much larger area. This will minimise the number of units required.

A water draw tube can be added beneath The Splash Aerator to pull water from depth. These come in 600mm sections and will help destratify deeper waters, allowing a more even distribution of dissolved oxygen and temperature. A stainless steel guard is now fitted as standard on The Splash Aerator.

A black push on cover is available for all the aerators, if you wish to disguise the original blue float.

Very easy to install, The Splash will be delivered fully assembled - all models come with a 20m mains cable.


Aeration (provided here by our 0.5hp Splash) coupled with Siltex is a great combination to tackle organic silt loading.