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Force 7 Aerator
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Force 7 Aerator

Price per Unit (piece): Contact us for pricing £655.00

The Force 7 Aerator is four machines in one, since it provides very high levels of oxygenation by introducting air using the venturi principle, as well as good cirulation, destratification and de-gassing.  Can introduce up to 85 cu / m of air per hour.

This versatile Force 7 aerator provides a simple, portable and low cost answer to water cirulation and destratification problems, in both large and small ponds and lakes.

The Force 7 aerator works on the venture principle. The Force 7 aerator now replaces the very popular EOLO aerator. Huge volumes of air are drawn from the atmosphere and injected below the water surface in the form of millions of tiny bubbles. These are a very popular machine on fisheries & fish farms where aeration and water flow are required at the same time. Can be fitted with a larger impeller to draw less air but create more flow. 

Since the motor system can be angled to point upwards or downwards and the depth varied by adjustments to the two snorkel tubes that support the motor below the float system, any one or more more of these benefits can be increased so as to help the customer with their particular needs.

The machine is portable, easy to install and they are available in a variety of power factors.  A pure oxygen feed can be connected to the motor for intense oxygenation.

The Force 7 Aerator can be used effectively to resolve many problems in general fish keeping, are good at helping control weed/ algae and fighting the formation of ice in the winter.

Almost silent in operation, they offer a good solution where night fishing takes place. A pure oxygen feed can be connected to The Force 7.

Due to the way the aerator works, it means The Force 7 Aerator doesn’t have to be positioned far out. It can be tucked away in the margins, or even positioned underneath an overhanging tree, fishing platform or bridge.

In current literature the lack of oxygen dissolved in water is highlighted as one of the most limiting factors in operating a fish farm.

AERATION, DEGASSING, and CIRCULATION of the water, together with elimination of the organic sediment are therefore necessary aids to obtain the production process in Aquaculture. 90% of Diseases and Viruses are caused by poor hygiene of the pond and of the environment, poor quality of the water and of the bed.




During the day there is a high content of Oxygen dissolved in the water in the surface layers produced by the photosynthesis of the Phytoplankton. Of great importance for aquatic organisms, but not being able to spread in depth it will be of little use for the microbial flora.



At night-time, the oxygen produced during the day is consumed by the Benthonic organisms, Phytoplankton and fish. The continual lack of oxygen in the depths aids the development of anaerobic bacteria, which transform the organic sediments into non-oxidized compounds. In this way, the bed of the aquatic environment produces highly toxic substances for the fish, such as ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, and nitrites that can cause their death.



The action of horizontal circulation and the surface water mixing with that of the deeper layers, permits spreading the oxygen produced by photosynthesis to all the levels of the pond. Operating in this way, on the bed and on the sediments, creates the optimum conditions for the development of aerobic micro-organisms able to break down the organic matter into inorganic compounds that are not harmful to the aquatic organisms.



At sunset, after using the Force 7, there will be plenty or oxygen at every level. In this way all the phenomena connected with anaerobic fermentation of the sediment can be prevented and attenuated.



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