PRAMAC Portable Aeration
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PRAMAC Portable Aeration

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Many fishing clubs and fisheries unfortunately do not have access to mains power, leading to problems when it comes to aerating their water.


This can be overcome with the use of portable generators and our easy to install Splash aerators. With this in mind we have put together a number of options and packages, consisting of different sized generators matched to the appropriate aerator(s).

Our 0.5hp Splash is available in 110VAC or 230VAC, with the 1hp Splash in 230VAC only.

(Both machines are available in three phase for mains use).


Ideal for:

  • Emergency response fisheries teams
  • Angling clubs
  • Fisheries in remote locations
  • Backup system even if you have mains power on site.


PRAMAC Generators

All the generators we use are made by PRAMAC (www.pramac.com), a world leader in generator manufacturing. These are the machines we feel offer the best reliability and value. Petrol motors can also be converted to run on LPG, which offers longer running times, quieter operation and easier fuel handling.