Aqua DO501 Handheld Disolved O2 MeterPRAMAC Portable Aeration

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The Oxy-Box aerator has been developed to address the problem of aerating remote waters where the use of a generator and conventional aerator is not practical.


The system is useful on small waters where stock levels are not high, and is capable of aerating the water during the night.

The Oxybox system pumps air into tanks, ponds and lakes. It is powered

from internal batteries and uses intelligent charge & control regimes to

harvest energy from the sun. This cost effective system can ensure DO2

levels are maintained and fish are kept at their best and in an unstressed



Typical Operation

The Oxybox system has 2 stage 24hr timer system and is configured via the

simple keypad/display. The system is designed to pump for >8hour/day*4 on

a user programmable duty cycle. Typical usage would be to harvest power

during daylight hours and inject air during time periods between 3.00am–

10.00am when DO2 levels are typically at the lowest levels.



Timer Control: 4 digit LED display

24hour setting

Battery Supply:

*1 12V 90Ah AGM maintenance Free

Mains input:

10hr charge via 230vac mains inlet

Ambient Temperature:

-5 to +40°C

Max Pumped Air rating*2: 

4000 Litres Air/hour >2mtrs depth*3

Solar Cell:

Polycrystalline Silicon 120W


Stainless Steel 658 x 420 x 400

Air outlets:

½” BSP Female, two ports

Other Controls:

Isolation switch, Charge Ammeter

Weight(without solar panel):

42 kilograms


*1 – Also includes on-board mains charging facility for rapid charge top-up.

*2 – Pump flow rates dependant upon geographical locations/sunlight hours

*3 – Actual flow rates dependant upon depth of diffuser

*4 – Typical at 50% duty cycle dependant upon daily charge levels from the sun


Download Oxy-Box PDF: