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Brio Aerator
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Brio Aerator

Price per Unit (piece): Contact us for pricing £645.00

The Brio Aerator is ideally suited to long canal type fisheries and stock pools.  Its effect can be over 70m in front of the machine, with a width of around 15m.


Thisis a compact circulator providing many of the benefits of the much larger and powerful 'Rio'circulator at a more modest cost.  It can be used to circulate, de-stratify and oxygenate quite large areas of water and can be used in conjunction with one or more of our Splash aerators so as to maximise the overall aeration effect.




The motor depth and angle can be adjusted, from 1m deep to  up on the surface to  aerate and also create flow. 



Available in 0.5hp and 1hp models in a choice of voltages.


0.5 hp Water cirulator / aerator complete with floats £645
1.0 hp As above but with more powerful motor for greater effect £675