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Rio Aerator
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Rio Aerator

Price per Unit (piece): Contact us for pricing £1 ,895.00

The Rio Aerator range consists of two large and powerful circulators which have propellers of 740mm and 930mm diameter, rotating at 123 rpm and 115 rpm respectively, provide very good water movement and therefore de-stratification.

They can be used effectively to resolve many problems of water movement in aquaculture and are particularly good in controlling the formation of ice and algae in large bodies of water and creating artificial rivers.




Capable of circulating up to 3000 cubic meters of water per hour, effecting water almost 100m out in front of it, at a width of 25m.  (A cage type screen is available).

 Available in 1hp and 2hp models with a choice of voltage, they can be combined with any Force 7 or Splash aerator to further enhance performance.



1 hp

Large propeller water cirulator / aerator with geared motor. £1895


2 hp

As above but with a more powerful motor for greater effect. £1995



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