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Elewater Aerator
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Elewater Aerator

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Aquaculture Equipment Ltd would like to introduce a new aerator from our suppliers, Acqua & Co.


This is the ‘Elewater Aerator,’ named so because of its ability to elevate and distribute over 3 cubic meters of water per minute. It can be used to lift water from over 7m down, or to elevate water up to a metre in height.

A versatile machine which can be utilised in many situations;

  • Directional surface aerator
  • Lift water from depth, destratifying deeper lakes
  • Circulate water around a fish farm
  • Feed a raised pool from a lower one, then allow the higher pool to discharge back into the lower pool, thus aerating two pools with one unit
  • Create a decorative weir or cascade


Based on the much tried and tested Splash motor, the Elewater is available in 0.5hp and 1hp motors. Like with all our aerators, 3 phase motors are available at the same price.


Another interesting application for the Elewater would be to circulate water on a typical canal type match fishery.  If the long island (which is usually present on this kind of fishery) had a channel or simply a pipe running along its length, the Elewater could be positioned at the end of the island and lift water into the channel (or pipe). This water (up to 3000 litres per minute) would then discharge itself back into the lake at the opposite end of the island. This would then be circulating the water over a very large area.


If the channel on the island was large and deep enough, it may be possible to use it as a very secure stock pool!